Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Humor in Haiti

This is my 7th trip to Haiti as a Rabbit Project volunteer and as usual my trip itinerary went out the window in less than 12 hours. The weather is pleasantly warm ! and the hurricanes are someone else's problem this year so far. The work has been good and frustrating at times, but making continual progress.Some exciting opportunities are looming and I am hopeful. Haiti as usual has me laughing again. With Clinton's big push to renew business in Haiti all the hotels and island hoppers are gearing up for the competition of hosting all of us wonderful do gooders. I now have a beautiful, brand new, fingerprint free, flat screen TV in my room with a high tech battery backup system and remote with so many options. It even has cable. I was really looking forward to CNN in my room instead of the lobby TV to see if hurricanes were coming. Alas the only images I get is a crystal clear migrating "NO SIGNAL !" ( yes with the exclamation point). The real excitement came at midnight , 2 AM and 4 AM when the electricity switched back and forth between the government power and the hotel generator ( a regular occurrence despite government upgrades).This set off the battery back up. Beep beep beep..... In the dark without glasses I didn't stand a chance finding the camouflaged power switch and unplugging it from the wall only made it worse. I never would have thought I would miss the old TVs with rabbit ears and 2 channels with corduroy like static, badly dubbed in a foreign language. The rabbits win every time.

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  1. Thanks Myriam for your continued flexibility and humor on your Farmer to Farmer assignments. Everyone really appreciates all your hardwork!