Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Milk Collection Center in Nicaragua

Growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin I developed a mental model of what it took to get milk from the cow to the processing plant. My volunteer assignment in Nicaragua certainly has had an impact on how I now view the dairy industry and the challenges farmers face getting their product to market. The video below shows milk being received at a milk collection center near the city of Boaco Nicaragua. I was impressed about the level of effort being put forth to maintain product quality.

Composting in Nicaragua

During my recent assignment in Nicaragua I had the opportunity to work with a group interested in learning about small scale composting. The group consisted of individuals from the community of San Jose de los Remates and all were eager learners. This training took place on September 9 on two farms. At the first location I provide instruction on the types and volumes of materials to include when building a pile as well as the care and management that needed to take place in the comming months. The video below was taken at the second location. I was able to take the time to shoot the video because the group was such a quick study.