Monday, January 18, 2010

Support for Haiti

Over the past several days many of our past Farmer to Farmer - Haiti volunteers as well as our institutional collaborators have shown their support for and solidarity with Haiti and the FTF Program, through calls and emails to our DC Office and directly to our field staff. Benito and our team there wishes to thank you all (read a short quote from him here).

Some have also chosen to give donations through Partners of the Americas and the FTF Program since they know and trust our organization and staff, and since they want to help those in Haiti with whom they have developed professional relationships and friendships. We would like to thank the New Jersey Beekeepers Association, the American Beekeeping Federation, the Friends of Haiti, and the New Jersey Chapter of Partners of the Americas for their fundraising efforts either through or in collaboration with Partners' Farmer to Farmer Program. Although Partners is not a first-responder humanitarian aid organization, our longstanding partnership with Haiti allows us to work together and directly with Haitians, both in rural and more urban areas, to begin rebuilding their lives in productive and meaningful ways. If you or your organization would like to do so, donations can be sent by check or given through our website here. (you can specify 'Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund')

For all of those who have asked us about the health and safety of our FTF team in Haiti, here is an update. Last night we received the news about the unfortunate passing of 2 family members of Ronald Lyndor, who is our driver in Port au Prince. We send Ronald our sincere condolences in his loss. We also received good news about Ronald: he is the proud father of a newborn child, born a day before the quake hit, and mother, father, and child are doing well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Ronald and his family during these trying times.

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  1. As my first contact person in Haiti, Ronald Lyndor is a welcome face to greet new volunteers at the Port au Prince airport. He patiently waits for us to arrive and is very professional in escorting us to the national airport or in making overnight arrangements.
    I am saddened for the loss of his family members and pray that he and his new child are safe and healthy.

    When the opportunity comes that I can again go and teach, I am ready to go.

    My heart is in Haiti.

    Georgia, USA