Friday, February 26, 2010

Haiti: February 26th Update from the Field

Personal message from Benito Jasmin, FTF Coordinator in Haiti: “One candle doesn’t lose anything by lighting another candle”

The night of January 12th to 13th is for me the longest night. Even if you see it, you can’t believe it, you can’t explain, you can’t imagine, you can’t feel. This earthquake took away our: experience (skilled people), structure (already poor and not enough), energy (youth, teenager), future, courage, health, well being, respect and our culture, and hope.

Haitians now need to dream about a better tomorrow: jobs; health insurance; social, economical and environmental education; better infrastructure. Haitians have to believe in themselves, be creative, dynamic and courageous. If not, we will have a new era of exodus.The speech, dialogue, and words now need to be positive in Haiti. The action, the plan, the strategy must be oriented, defined, dynamic and progressive. Haiti needs to stand on what it stands for.

Thanks to everyone who trusted and accepted us to manage their money, guide their hand to the most victims in need.

To read the full report from Benito and see some pictures from the field, please click the link below and visit the Partners website:

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