Friday, April 23, 2010

Las Lagunas Abajo, Padre Las Casas - Greenhouse Production

This week I have been visiting a variety of greenhouses in the Dominican Republic with two Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists to assess the program and identify areas of future needs. The greenhouse in Las Lagunas Abajo, Padre Las Casas planted their first crop of bell peppers with the help and recommendations of two Farmer to Farmer horticulture volunteers, Kristin and Brian Krokowski on January 18, 2010. The three women that own and manage the greenhouse recently sold their first round of peppers at a high price because of the good quality pepper. The women are now getting ready to harvest the next batch of peppers and are working on securing a permanent buyer. They were grateful for the assistance that the Krokowski’s provided and look forward to many more Farmer to Farmer volunteer visits.
Farmer to Farmer Program beneficiary, Maria Carmen del Vicente, discusses her bell pepper crops with volunteer, Kerry Zaleski, and SurFuturo extension worker, Franklin Ferredras.

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