Friday, May 14, 2010

Volunteer's blog and Food Safety in Haiti

Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak, a Farmer to Farmer volunteer currently in Haiti, is blogging as she travels and checks in on the rabbit producing communities. Click here to read about how her trip is going!

Myriam has traveled to Haiti numerous times, both with FTF and on her own. She and her family were in Haiti during the earthquake and this is her first time back following the quake. Her dedication is admirable.

At the moment, she and another FTF volunteer, Robert Spencer, are giving a training seminar on animal diseases and food safety. Our Haitian staff has dubbed it a "wake up call" meeting, since Haitian producers, individually and collectively, will need to improve food safety and consumer trust in order to improve business. Myriam has raised a great deal of funds to help farmers with start-up entrepreneurial activities, and Robert leveraged a donation of 40 meat thermometers with help from the USDA.

The above photo, from 2009, shows Myriam discussing rabbit production with a successful producer in Quartier Morin, Northern Haiti.


  1. Things are going well during my first week. Myriam, Benito, and myself conducted our first workshop and the information was well received. Looking forward to more farm visits and workshops, and a radio interview.

    Robert Spencer

  2. Thanks for the kudos Meghan, but the real truth is that I could achieve little without such a fabulous team. Everyone's role from POA-WASH DC, to the FtF volunteers and of course the indispensable Makouti, are key to the successes we have seen. As long as we can keep the momentum moving forward, a positive outcome must evolve.
    Thanks to all for the tremendous support,

  3. Good luck and God Bless!