Friday, June 25, 2010

Beekeeping and Reforestation in Haiti

Below is an excerpt from a volunteer trip report which explains how Makouti Agro Enterprise in Haiti works reforestation into beekeeping activities.

Another excerpt from the report which makes me smile: Mr. Villius operates a donkey parking lot for those coming to market day. A donkey parking lot - never heard of that before!

The current Strategy of Makouti Agro Enterprises in regard to beekeeping is to train interested parties in Basic beekeeping skills. In order to be a part of Makouti the beekeeper must agree to plant and keep 50 trees alive for the year, and give 1 gallon of honey per year [to Makouti]. This is an excellent strategy as deforestation has been a big problem in Haiti. The trees they plant are trees that are very hardy; they bloom and produce a nectar source for the bees. The fruit is a seed pod that is high in protein for livestock to eat. They seem to be resilient to charcoal makers as we saw a stump of a tree that had been cut and converted to charcoal then the burned stump sent forth shoots and the tree continued to grow and bloom.

 Volunteer Bob Hughes with Haitian beekeepers

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