Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eddo Production in Guyana

Here are a few photos from our horticulture project in Guyana, taken during a volunteer's visit in March. The volunteer is Dr. James Garner of the University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff. He is pictured collecting soil samples and marking off trial plots with Harold Parris, a farmer with the Kuru Kururu Farmers' Crop and Livestock Association (KKFCLA). The KKFCLA mainly produces eddoes and citrus, and they aim to increase their production to access local supermarkets as well as CARICOM markets in the future.

The third photo was taken 3-4 weeks after Dr. Garner's trip to Guyana, and the eddoes have a healthier green color, especially in the trial plot farthest from the camera. Dr. Garner is working with the farmers to achieve an ideal level of soil nutrients.

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