Monday, June 14, 2010

FTF volunteer shares Pest Management techniques in the DR!

Farmer to Farmer volunteer, Dr. Phil Phillips traveled to the Dominican Republic in May to share his expertise in Integrated Pest Management. Dr. Phillips taught pest identification and treatment techniques to a variety of avocado and greenhouse producers. Additionally, Dr. Phillips donated hand lenses and trained the women that manage the greenhouses to identify pests and simple procedures to manage the pests. For example, one recommendation is that once a pest (mite, insect or disease) is first identified, generally towards the entrance of the greenhouse, the growers should begin each days work within the greenhouse in the opposite end or the side of the greenhouse away from the contamination and work their way towards the infested area. This is a practical and applicable recommendation that will now help to avoid the spread of the pests by the workers to the healthy plants.
In the photos: 1.) Dr. Phillips discussing Integrated Pest Management with greenhouse growers in Padre Las Casas. 2.) A greenhouse grower practicing with a hand magnifying lenses to identify pests.

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