Monday, July 12, 2010

Aquaculture in Guyana

Here are a few nice shots from Guyana, showing volunteer Jason Licamele working with tilapia farmers. In this photo Jason is working with Mr. Persaud of Maharaja Oil Mills. In April Mr. Persaud explained to me how Jason greatly helped with the development of his airlifts, which function to push the effluent out of the nets. Other farmers described how his visit introduced to them the usefulness of liming ponds. Aquaculture is a nascent industry in Guyana and the farmers are striving to achieve the desired sale weight of the fish, however technical knowledge in this specialized area and infrastructure are not yet sufficient to fully support the industry.

I thought these photos show the beauty of Guyana and how much they enjoyed working together. Photo credits for the first and third pictures go to Kerron Riley.

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