Monday, July 26, 2010

Fabrication of Bee Veils and Hives in Haiti

As promised following the "bee hat" post, here are some more photos and details on Sofie Geckler's visit to Haiti where she provided training in hive construction and bee veil fabrication, and assisted in transferring swarms to new hives. The photos below show some of her work, both in the North and South of Haiti. Sofie's Farmer to Farmer trip was carried out in partnership between Partners of the Americas and collaborating organization FAVACA.
Right: In the South of Haiti, many beekeepers still work in log hives. Most American beekeepers have not seen bees kept this way as the logs are more difficult to manage.

Below: Training in making veils and hives. Both are modified for ease of construction.

Below: Going into the beautiful countryside to transfer a wild colony into a new hive.

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