Friday, August 6, 2010

Farmer to Farmer supports local NGOs with Environmental Projects

The Farmer to Farmer Program assists local nongovernmental organizations across Latin America and the Caribbean with technical and institutional support. Most recently, Farmer to Farmer volunteer, Dave Lombardo worked with an organization in the Dominican Republic, Sur Futuro Foundation, to help them improve their administration of natural resource management and forestry projects in an ecologically and legally sound manner. Sur Futuro is working with local communities to improve education and increase development capabilities while promoting environmental protection with the sustainable use of natural resources. Mr. Lombardo supported Sur Futuro with the implementation and enhancement of their sustainable forestry management initiative in the areas of Padre Las Casas and Sabana de San Juan. The volunteer trained personnel from Sur Futuro on the establishment of survival monitoring studies for tree plantings and reforestation and guidelines for sustainable timber production.
Sur Futuro technician, Milton, measures a tree as part of the forest monitoring plan.

Area under Sur Futuro's natural resource management projects.

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