Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Successful Micro-Entrepreneurs in Haiti

This photo shows the three most successful rabbit producers in Grand Boulage, Haiti. They are proudly showing their new record books that they are using to keep track of their rabbits’ breeding, fertility and mortality rates, and other important information to make sure that rabbits are produced in a way that maintains healthy animals and also produces the best offspring.

On the left is Madame Andremene, the most successful producer. She did experience a significant setback recently, having lost around 83 offspring to what was later determined to be a diet that was not well balanced after consulting with FTF volunteers Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak, Brian Rude, and Steven Lukefahr. Now she has adjusted the diets, especially of the young rabbits, to include avocados and other foods high in energy and protein. She is more determined than ever.

In the middle is Mr. “Racine” Cadeau, and pictured below is one of his prize male rabbits in a new rabbitry structure supplied through small grant money via Dr. Kaplan-Pasternak. Also pictured below are some of his young rabbits eating nutritious food. Mr. Cadeau is heeding the volunteers’ advice about rabbit nutrition.

On the right is Madame Delicame. Though illiterate, she is proud of her record book and receives help in recordkeeping from the other producers. She has been very successful and is planning to use the money from her rabbit sales to learn to read and write. Makouti Agro Enterprise has already helped to arrange a teacher to come to the village to teach her.

These are just a few examples of the many success stories that I have seen since I arrived in Haiti late last week. Great job Haiti team!


  1. Very good, I like the idea of record keeping for tracking production and progress. On the first picture, who is the questionable looking fellow on the right (blue jeans and white t-shirt)? Looks like he might ride a motorcycle.

  2. Ha! You know who that is. Benito got a better shot of the 3 than I did... I had other "random" people in my photo. The notebooks are a new development and you can see how proud the producers are of them. They are so helpful for recordkeeping that Makouti and FTF will likely help all serious producers to have one. It would be a big improvement.