Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photos from the Field: Volunteers in Action!

Farmer to Farmer volunteers, Cheryl and Lauren, continue to work hard to put together a video clip that promotes the consumption of local dairy products and educates the audience on nutrition. The volunteers are interviewing farmers, dairy cooperative managers, school teachers and others to truly capture the local situation and best attract the viewers. Meanwhile, another Farmer to Farmer volunteer, Kshinte continues to visit schools and support the "Si a la Leche" campaign with educational games and promotional activities. Please see below the volunteers "in action" photos.

Lauren, Cheryl and Daniel (FTF field officer) edit through the videos to put together a great promotional piece.
Thanks to the volunteers for their filming and editing equipment!

Kshinte and the Director of the Solingalpa School in Matalgalpa work together to support the dairy campaign and educate the students on nutrition. 

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