Friday, October 22, 2010

Guyana: Land of Many Waters

Guyana is known as the Land of Many Waters. As a matter of fact, rivers are often the best means to reach certain areas in Guyana. The capital city, Georgetown, lies below sea level. This makes for a unique experience for FTF volunteers, and those whose assignments bring them to these parts of Guyana often enjoy the adventure and scenery. The Essequibo is Guyana's major river, draining many of the rivers from the interior of the country. Guyana is a beautiful country with rich biodiversity. Below are photos from various FTF staff and volunteer trips over the years. Enjoy!

FTF Field Staff pose for a shot on the way to Mainstay, to visit the pineapple growers
Amerindian mother teaches her daughter to swim
These stilts are helpful in case of flooding

Automobile ferry

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