Monday, October 4, 2010

UN Agency Confirms the Work of Farmer to Farmer in Nicaragua

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recently published about small-scale dairy production. The study confirms that working with the dairy value chain is a way out of poverty and a sustainable income generating activity for small-scale producers.  

"Better farm management practices, expanding dairy herd sizes and increasing milk yields could easily improve smallholder labour productivity, which currently is rather low. "Dairy sector development can therefore be a potent tool for poverty reduction," the UN report said." 

"Any dairy development strategy, the FAO/IFCN study recommends, must not exclusively focus on dairy producers but improve competitiveness throughout the entire dairy production chain, targeting farmers, input suppliers, milk traders, processors, retailers and others. Creating value in every part of the chain ultimately also benefits consumers who are then able to obtain more dairy products for the same amount of money or need to spend less for the dairy products they consume."

The Farmer to Farmer Program in Nicaragua is doing just this! 

To read more see the following link.

Traditional hand-milking is still the most commonly used technique in Nicaragua.

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