Monday, December 27, 2010

100 New Beehives: A Gift to the Beekeepers of Haiti

We are happy to share that Partners of the Americas' Farmer to Farmer Team, with the invaluable support of our volunteers and partner organizations, has arranged the donation of 100 new beehives to be shipped to Haiti. The donation will benefit the beekeepers collaborating with our apiculture project as well as others in the industry. The hive boxes will be assembled in Haiti and have several uses such as demonstration hives and for training purposes at local agriculture universities.

Typical Haitian Apiary
The donation also includes the frames, nails, and foundation for the hives. These activities will be managed by Makouti Agro Enterprise, a dynamic local agribusiness, key partner, and beneficiary of Partners' Farmer to Farmer Program in Haiti. The Haiti FTF Program provides hive box and equipment construction training, however due to widespread deforestation, the type of wood necessary for a quality, durable hive is not locally available nor is the right type of nails and sufficient wax for foundation. Sending new hives, rather than used ones, limits the spread of pest and disease. These hives will serve as an example for beekeepers, students, carpenters, and agriculturalists in Haiti, and will help to maximize training as well as income from honey and hive products.

We are pleased that the order has gone through just in time for this season of giving. The sea container is due to arrive in Haiti in the coming months after being processed and clearing customs. The donation is a culmination of the time, energy, and donations of several groups and individuals over the past months who have responded with generosity to this specific request from Haiti. Special recognition goes to the following:

Virginia Webb giving a workshop in Haiti, 2006
Beekeeper and FTF Volunteer Virginia Webb, of Mtn Honey in Georgia, who has provided a great deal of advice and funding. Her beekeeping association, NE Georgia Beekeeping Association, also contributed to this cause.

Leo Blumle, partner to the Program and resourceful coordinator for such projects in Haiti, for offering storage, logistical support, and space in his sea container free of charge.

Dadant and Sons, Inc. beekeeping equipment supplier, notably Mark Bennett in the Virginia office, who have generously provided free shipping within the US as well as a discounted rate on the foundation. We are grateful for the support of Dadant, for their contribution to the improvement of the beekeeping industry in Haiti.

We continue to raise remaining funds for this project. If you or your organization is interested in making a donation, please visit our donations page or contact us. (please note "Haiti Beekeeping" on the check or form) We will be providing shipment updates on this blog in the future.

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