Monday, January 24, 2011

Farmer to Farmer featured in Nicaraguan Dairy Magazine!

The Farmer to Farmer Program was featured in the December 2010 edition of El Ganadero, a magazine publication of the Nicaraguan National Livestock Association. The 2-page article (see below) discusses the contributions that Farmer to Farmer volunteers made to the Nicaraguan dairy value chain in 2010. The article highlights the components of the dairy value chain and the important recommendations volunteers have made to the different sectors. There was a strong emphasis on primary production with improved forages and pastures and on milk processing with food safety and Good Manufacturing Practices trainings and workshops. Towards the end of 2010, volunteers started addressing the marketing and sales levels of the value chain. Farmer to Farmer volunteers worked with dairy cooperatives to carry out market studies, create marketing strategies and revitalize their milk and cheese packages and labels. The Farmer to Farmer Program looks forward to more volunteers and more host collaboration in 2011 and a continued dedication to the dairy industry.
El Ganadero magazine features photos of the following volunteers: Carlos Gonzalez (left, top), Josh Peissig (left, bottom), Ken Albrecht (right, top) and Jeff Neville (right, bottom).     

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