Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nicaragua: Farmer to Farmer volunteer assists with Packaging and Labeling

Farmer to Farmer volunteer, Jeff Neville, provided technical assistance to dairy cooperatives in the areas of packaging and labeling.  Some excerpts from his trip report provide useful information regarding designing good and effective labels.

"Designing a good label involves the combined work of the manager in charge of marketing and a professional designer. The manager in charge of marketing provides the basic direction of the design and the professional designer has the artistic talent and the capability of working with a computer design program to produce the finished design. The marketing manager’s role in label design is to make sure the final design satisfies the marketing goal of gaining the consumer’s attention, making a good impression on her and finally getting her to buy the product. A good label results from the efforts of both of these key people.  The professional designer provides the artistic talent and ensures good aesthetics of the design and the marketing manager sees that the design will maximize the possibility of making a sale."

FTF volunteer, Jeff Neville, comparing label options with the Marketing Manager for Lacteos Nicarao.
The volunteer gave specific recommendations on the information needed for labels in an excellent, detailed report. The front label should have the following information: brand name, product name, catchy photo, weight and a phrase. The back label should have the following information: ingredient statement, nutritional information, UPC code, and company name, address and sanitary registration.

 The simple green font on a white label does not attract the customer's attention. The previous label was a simple sticker that was not good enough to withstand refrigeration.

The new label is more colorful and the brand (Lacteos Nicarao) and the product (Queso Mozzarella) are more clear and the photo of the cheese makes it more enticing to the potential buyer.

A glimpse of how all the labels for different products now compliment each other.

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