Monday, May 2, 2011

FTF Volunteer Survey Feedback

We conducted a survey of FTF volunteers who traveled recently with Partners of the Americas' Farmer to Farmer Program, and we received some good responses. Thanks to all who participated!

When asked if they would volunteer again with Partners' Farmer to Farmer Program, 98% of respondants said yes. 72.4% of our volunteers who responded reported giving group presentations on their trip once they return to the US. More than 57% of volunteers had leveraged some funds or resources such as donated equipment for their trip, and 74% of volunteers remain in touch with their local host after they return home to continue troubleshooting issues and finding solutions to challenges. Below are a selection of comments which show the importance that many of our volunteers attribute to the Farmer to Farmer Program. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers!

“Teaching and research in agriculture at the University of Wisconsin for 25 years, University of Florida for 3 years, and Iowa State University for 4 years has been rewarding, but the 2 weeks in Nicaragua were very special. There is no question that I learned more than I taught during that time. The two-way exchange of ideas was marvelous and in many ways very similar to my experiences with farmers here. Farmer-to-Farmer is a great program.”

“This is an exceedingly important and valuable program to support local capacity building. Please continue.”

“Partners serves a vital function in international agriculture development.”

“I am a big supporter of US soft diplomacy. Also, I believe that the adoption of appropriate technology in agricultural is absolutely necessary for food security and the well being of rural people in the developing world. FTF speaks to both of these.”

“Working with Makouti and Partners on my FtF assignment was a project I will remember for a long time and one that I really enjoyed.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to make believing become reality.”

“Farmer to Farmer is an excellent program that allows the exchange of information at a global level. The program is well organized and the volunteer information is excellent.”

“With each trip to Haiti I become more enthused on future visits. Always look forward to the next opportunity, in Haiti or wherever my expertise is needed.”

“Thank you for the opportunity, and privilege to assist in a small way.”

“I think [the DC staff is] doing a fantastic job in recruiting volunteers, orientation, and providing the comforting words to new volunteers. They have great teams to work with in country as well.”

“Overall a great experience and the program has much potential to make a difference.”

“I think Farmer to Farmer is a very good program. The farmers have benefited from it tremendously.”

“It has had a positive impact on me personally and professionally.”

“Keep up the good work!”

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