Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guyana Videos Demonstrate Hydroponics Success

Two volunteers from Wisconsin recently traveled to Guyana to assist with producing two videos, the first a training video on the topic of hydroponics, and the other featuring the success story of "Valo", who has received assistance from several FTF volunteers over the years. See below for more information and to watch the videos! The volunteers, Cheryl Diermyer and Patricia Fellows, have also posted to the blog recently, giving more details about their activities in Guyana, and Cheryl's "Si a la Leche Campaign" video from her past visit to Nicaragua is also linked to this blog.

"Green Gold" is a hydroponics training video featuring the stories of two successful shadehouse producers from Guyana. Partners' Farmer to Farmer volunteers have recently begun to support this shadehouse project, which is funded by CASRI and the MIF and implemented by the Guyana Chapter of Partners of the Americas. The project supports both commercial and small-scale (household) vegetable production. The video will be used to train future producers.

"Valo's Journey" tells the story of Mr. Fitzroy "Valo" Valentine, his past struggles with field farming, and his success with shadehouse and hydroponic production of vegetables. In the past 9 or so months, Mr. Valentine has worked with FTF volunteers Drs. Henry Spiller and Alfred Aleguas (Pesticide Safety Specialists), Pete Wotowiec (Greenhouse Specialist), Trevor Hylton (Crop Nursery Management Specialist), and Brian Rosa (Composting Specialist). He and the Cooperative to which he belongs, Marfriends Cooperative Land Society Ltd., has received a great deal of support from Farmer to Farmer over the years.

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