Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photojournalism Slideshow Highlights Farmer to Farmer and Makouti Activities in Haiti

Recent FTF-Haiti volunteer Nick Brubaker put his photographic skills to good use while in Haiti. Since his return to the US he has created a photojournalism piece with some of his many photos, bringing attention to the situation of farmers in Haiti and especially the work of Farmer to Farmer and Makouti Agro Enterprise in improving the Haitian agriculture industry and the lives of small-scale farmers.

This photojournalism piece was recently entered into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation "Small Farmers are the Answer" Challenge, a competition soliciting various forms of creative works which show the value that investing in small-scale farmers has in economic growth and development. Nick volunteered in Haiti this spring as a website design specialist for the purpose of improving the design and functionality of the Makouti Agro Enterprise website.

Special thanks to Nick for his work developing the slideshow. Thanks also to our other talented FTF volunteers, and the monitoring efforts of our staff, whose reporting provided informative captions.


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  1. Yea, I am agree with you and It must be improved the Haitian agriculture industry and the lives of small-scale farmers also.

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