Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Machete Verde and Interview with FTF-Nicaragua Volunteer

While in Nicaragua, I met a man who gave me the electronic file for Machete Verde, a manual in Spanish that has 16 chapters about appropriate technology transfer. Please contact me if you'd like electronic copies of the manual. I also posted my homemade videos to my youtube page. Those can be found at Included in the playlist are 3 videos about Camoapa Dairy: Bob Blohm (volunteer), Daniel Ingram (Farmer to Farmer Field Officer), and the Masiguito Cooperative Dairy Processing Plant. Farmer to Farmer Nicaragua is looking for someone to help the processing plants diversify their cheese varieties.

Here is one example of the videos mentioned above - an interview with Wisconsin volunteer Bob Blohm!

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  1. I forgot to include my contact information for those of you who want electronic copies of Machete Verde.

    Krista James