Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Update from Guyana: Food and Pesticide Safety

Dr. Koo (left) and Dr. Njue (right) proudly display a large eddo (taro). Together with Dr. James Garner of UAPB, this team has been working with the farmers to study which cultural practices yield the best eddo crop.
During the past two weeks, two specialists from the University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff have been meeting with farmers in Guyana to conduct trainings in food safety and pesticide safety. For Drs. Jaheon Koo and Obadiah Njue, they have traveled several times to Guyana and have cultivated working relationships with these farmers over the years. Their trainings provide followup on previous visits from UAPB and also other volunteers (see captions below). Having just returned, they report having and productive an enjoyable trip. Check out some of the photos from their trip!

In a field of eddo crops, Dr. Koo consults with a farmer from the Kuru Kururu Farmers Crop and Livestock Association
KKFCLA members pose with the volunteers, also showing the color-coded pesticide safety charts developed by previous FTF volunteers and toxicologists Fred Aleguas and Henry Spiller. The chart was developed following surveys of chemicals used and available in Guyana, and provides information about the hazard level, known side effects, environmental risks, and safe handling procedures in a convenient and portable format
FTF-Guyana Field Officer Ryan Nedd (left) and KKFCLA farmer display new pesticide safety equipment
In addition to the KKFCLA eddo farmers, the volunteers consulted with shadehouse growers on food and pesticide safety topics

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