Thursday, August 4, 2011

Volunteer Spots Improvements in Nicaragua

Horticulture volunteer, Tom Syverud (see our blog post about his news article!), recently returned from Nicaragua where he provided technical support to local Farmer to Farmer hosts in existing small-scale garden projects. The project seeks to improve horticultural production, processing and marketing in rural areas. During his trip, Syverud made recommendations for improving vegetable production including newer cultivation, conservation and marketing techniques. Mr. Syverud has made trips to Nicaragua previously for similar purposes, and he remarked on the improvements he observed in the country since he last visited, six years ago.

"Although I did not return to all the same places, I sense an improvement in the knowledge level and interest in small-scale vegetable garden production...I think the whole country has shown improvement; the roads, the building, the stores, the restaurants, and the airport...The economy is, in general, better too, although there are still many unemployed, under-employed and poor people...Nicaraguans, however, are a friendly, resilient people and I believe will continue to make progress."

To find out more about the Farmer to Farmer Program and how you can volunteer, please visit the rest of this blog or the Partners of the Americas website.

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