Thursday, September 22, 2011

Renewed Focus on Goat Production in Haiti

Ms. Stover visited with animal producers in the South of Haiti
The Haiti Farmer to Farmer Program recently benefited from the perspective of a specialist in goat production, Ilana Stover, from the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service. Since the program has previously focused a great deal of attention on rabbit production and beekeeping, this dedicated attention to goat production was very welcomed and needed.

In her words,"During my two-week stint in Haiti, I toured the country and met a number of different goat farmers. Until I arrived, there had not been anyone with Farmer to Farmer to handle strictly goat production. I went in with the objective of observing and discovering the major issues that farmers were facing."

Ms. Stover conducted a thorough analysis of several sites in the South and North of Haiti and made recommendations in the areas of parasite control and appropriate remedies, dairy production training, slaughter standards, breeding practices, and more. Farmer to Farmer is planning another trip this fall where a volunteer will address breeding practices and energy needs of goats, as a follow-up to her recommendations and findings. Thanks go to Ilana and the ACES for their support of Farmer to Farmer's efforts to improve goat production practices and benefit farmeres in Haiti!

Different breeds of goats are present in Haiti, some better adapted to local conditions than others
Final training session in Cap-Haitien was well-attended

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