Friday, November 4, 2011

Photos from the Field: Two Horticulture Teams in Guyana

During the month of October, the Guyana Farmer to Farmer Program welcomed two teams of volunteers who assisted different horticulture efforts. One team from the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, James Garner and Edmund Buckner, analyzed test plots during eddo (taro) harvests. They evaluated soil fertility and water quality, and the resulting differences in eddo size on each plot.

A second team from Tennessee, husband and wife Pete and Chris Wotowiec, provided ongoing technical assistance to shadehouse vegetable producers as well as a new type of training in "horticulture therapy" programs for rehabilitation programs and orphanages.

We thank our dedicated volunteers! Below are some pictures from their trips.

The Team from UAPB assists an eddo farmer from Kuru Kururu
Volunteer Pete Wotowiec poses with shadehouse farmers. Pete has conducted several trips to Guyana to help the producers over the years and he commented on the progress he observed during his recent trip
Volunteer Chris Wotowiec works with youth in Guyana. Horticultural production can serve as a valuable skill as well as a therapy for disadvantaged populations.

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