Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First FTF Queen Raising Training in Haiti

Farmer to Farmer volunteer Ed Levi, a beekeeping specialist from Arkansas, is currently in Haiti conducting trainings in queen bee breeding. This is the first training on this important topic under the Farmer to Farmer Program, and likely the first strategic training on this topic in the country. Ed is collaborating with Haiti's Makouti Agro Enterprise as well as the Ministry of Agriculture and other beekeeping associations. Selective breeding of Haitian queen bees holds the potential to improve the overall genetics of the honeybees in Haiti, and selecting for desirable traits will lead to increased productivity and income for beekeepers. Below are some pictures from Haiti.
Mr. Levi conducts a training on development of young bees

Nicodeme Pierre, one of Haiti's most accomplished beekeepers, conducts his first grafting of queen cells (North Haiti)

Mr. Levi working in the hives, together with Haitian beekeepers, in the Port au Prince Area


  1. Ed,
    Excited to see your work. I have been working with FAVACA out of FL.
    Been trying to get consultants together on Haiti beekeeping.

    1. Dear Bo,
      Thank you for the note - we will pass it along to Ed. Partners of the Americas' Farmer to Farmer Program has been collaborating with FAVACA in Haiti over the years, as they are subcontracted under our Program to recruit a number of beekeepers to support our Farmer to Farmer beekeeping project in Haiti (this is in addition to their own beekeeping work in Haiti). You've probably read about our project in the Nov 2011 ABJ issue, for which FAVACA recruited the beekeepers. So in a way these are sister projects, working toward common goals to help Haitian beekeepers. Keep up the great work.