Tuesday, January 10, 2012

McLeod, Correll Team Up with CIAT to Expand Vegetable Production in Eastern Bolivia

Correll and McLeod work with a local vegetable producer in her garden
Last month, Doctors Paul McLeod and Jim Correll of the University of Arkansas teamed up with support staff from the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) to expand and improve vegetable production in the lowlands of eastern Bolivia. This trip was a follow-up assignment for McLeod and Correll, who visited rural towns in Magdalena, Santa Cruz and Beni in 2010 to provide vegetable seed to interested potential producers. During this follow-up, the volunteers visited individual households in the same rural towns to check for progress in vegetable growth, provide additional seed and tools, and offer instruction on insect and disease identification and management. McLeod and Correll also identified seed sources in Santa Cruz and developed a method for sending seed into the more remote eastern lowlands.

A family of producers receives vegetable seed

McLeod and Correll reported general progress in vegetable production in the towns visited. In various households in Magdalena, they observed many new vegetable gardens that did not exist the previous year. The villagers were successfully producing onions, several peppers, sweet corn, several cucurbits, lettuce, beans and cowpea. In Bella Vista, few vegetable gardens were observed, however this was an improvement upon the previous year when no gardens were observed. Further, with the help of Hugo Serrate, Executive Direct of CIAT, McLeod and Correll located numerous stores selling vegetable seed, garden tools, chemicals, fertilizers and irrigation supplies. Together they identified a trucking company to deliver the seed and supplies to the Beni area and areas north of Santa Cruz.

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