Friday, February 3, 2012

FTF Volunteer & Chef Supports Tourism Cluster in Dominican Republic

Hands on Activity wth Culinary Students
Farmer to Farmer volunteer, Chef Voltaire Moise recently completed his assignment in the Dominican Republic.  During part of his time, Mr. Moise worked in the Jarabacoa area with the Jarabacoa tourism cluster, the culinary students from the Technical School in the area and the Jarabacoa Environmental and Natural Resource school. 

Mr. Moise' technical assistance focused on culinary techniques using local fruits, vegetables and plants that will help improve the local tourism industry.

In addition to working with culinary students in Jarabacoa, Mr. Moise also worked with other groups of students and community members in the nearby areas.  Mr. Moise has extensive culinary experience and has worked for many years in the Hawaiian tourism industry. Farmer to Farmer in the Dominican Republic works with tree crops, specifically avocados; through this assignment we hope to support and improve the ways to use these and other products in the local tourism industry.

Working with community members

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