Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wisconsin Beekeepers Share 60 Years of Experience with Nicaraguan Cooperatives

Judy and a local beekeeper display organic Nicaraguan honey.
From January 29th – February 12th, Bob and Judy Hoffman of Holmen, Wisconsin, visited and provided training to Nicaraguan beekeeping cooperatives in the departments of Managua, Leon, Boaco and Masaya. With 60 years of experience in the beekeeping industry – Bob as a part-time beekeeper and Judy in honey promotion and sales – the duo observed the cooperatives’ methods and gave presentations on feeding and nurturing bees, marketing organic honey, and the nutritional value of honey. Bob also discussed the potential benefits of using plastic hives rather than wood and raising queens, as many beekeepers expressed interest in these topics.  
Bob observes local beekeeping methods.
Reflecting on their two weeks in Nicaragua, Bob and Judy were impressed by the local beekeepers’ skill at managing Africanized bees; innovative experimentation with native, non-stinging bees; and the effort they put into making their own frames and wax foundations. They describe their assignment as a “wonderful and rewarding experience”.  To read more about the Hoffman’s trip to Nicaragua, click on this link to an article in the Onalaska Holmen Courier-Life.

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