Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photos Detail Volunteer's Activities

Long-time rabbit producer, proud to receive new training and cages
Toward the end of his visit to Haiti, Alabama volunteer Robert Spencer sent more photos for the blog. The photos tell the story of his activities in the field. In addition, he also visited the Deli Market and Mega Market - supermarket chains in Port-au-Prince - together with Ministry of Agriculture and Makouti representatives to discuss the opportunity of supplying quality meat to these stores.

Finally, the team conducted trainings at the Ministry's rabbitry for the newly-created Western Producers' Rabbit Network on topics such as nutrient and health value of rabbit meat, its culinary appeal and various recipes, and best management practices for commercial meat processing. The network was represented by producers from 7 locations.

Trainee's view of Robert's lesson in food safety in meat processing

Anderson Pierre instructs on nest boxes, used to house young
Trained producers received a cage unit.
Food safety and processing group poses with final product ready to market
Producers affirm that they have learned new skills and will use them to improve their incomes

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