Friday, September 7, 2012

Success in Three Brothers Community: Waini Naturals Reports Success in Value-Added Cosmetic Products

Greg and Annie De Silva, members of the Waini Naturals cosmetic production group in Guyana's Three Brothers Community, are proud to announce that sales of their crabwood tree oil-based products are going well and that they plan to continue production.

Waini Naturals members, Greg and Annie De Silva (center), meet
with FTF Country Coordinator Kelvin Craig, Dr. Parris-Aaron of
IICA, and VSO International Volunteer Pam Jardine. 
The De Silvas's were among the group of approximately 10 participants who received technical training from Farmer to Farmer volunteers, Bruce Akers and Dr. Henry Chan. Bruce Akers, a Consultant with extensive experience in formulating personal care, cleaning, and cosmetic products, traveled to Three Brothers Community through a flexible assignment in February 2010. Mr. Akers' visit focused on improving the crabwood oil-making process - a product that they have been producing for years - and using the oil to develop balms and lotions. Following hands-on demonstrations and explanations of necessary materials and mixing conditions, the group successfully prepared 9 batches of lotion.

Participants make value-added cosmetics with FTF
Volunteer, Bruce Akers.
Three Brothers received a second FTF volunteer, Dr. Henry Chan, in August 2011. Pharmaceutical Executive with AMEDICO LABS LLC and Technical Director of Maylan Skincare, Dr. Chan provided training in how to use crabwood oil to make value-added cosmetic products, mainly shampoos, creams, soaps, and lotions. Key topics included the physical and chemical properties of each ingredient, the function of each ingredient in product formulas, and weighing, heating and mixing the ingredients to produce a value-added product.

The De Silva's, with support from the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs in Guyana, have incorporated teachings from Mr. Akers and Dr. Chan into their cosmetic production practice and continue to successfully produce soaps and creams. Partners of the Americas' Farmer to Farmer Program, together with FAVACA and Dr. Chan, are currently helping Waini Naturals to source product inputs which will allow them to expand production further and develop a sustainable rural business.

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