Thursday, November 8, 2012

4,320 Nicaragua School Children Reached By Nutrition Campaign

This year, the Nicaraguan Dairy Chamber (CANISLAC) joined the first Pan-American milk consumption campaign, promoted by the Pan-American Dairy Federation (FEPALE). As part of this initiative, CANISLAC developed a campaign that aims to raise awareness and engage various stakeholders in promoting dairy consumption as highly beneficial to human health.

A campaign flyer with nutrition facts
The campaign is centered around talks given during school visits. These talks focus on the importance and nutritional benefits of consuming dairy products and their derivatives. In addition to visiting schools, the campaign utilizes the mediaincluding three TV channels, the backs of buses, billboards and commercialsin an attempt to reach most of Nicaragua's population.

Farmer to Farmer volunteers with Nicaraguan counterparts
This year, Farmer to Farmer volunteers Danitza Tomianovic and Batya Silva participated in the movement. During their assignments, which focused on promoting the consumption of dairy products, Danitza and Batya visited a total of 14 preschools and primary schools in Managua, Ciudad Sandino and Camoapa, reaching the eyes and ears of an incredible 4,320 Nicaraguan children.

Batya Silva presenting to a group of schoolchildren

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