Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Biochar Yields Exciting Results in Haiti

This photo, received from F2F Volunteer and Carbon Roots International co-founder Ryan Delaney, shows the power of biochar for soil fertility in Haiti

In August, Carbon Roots International co-director and founder Ryan Delaney traveled to the North of Haiti to team up with Partners of the Americas' Farmer to Farmer Program and conduct trials and trainings on biochar. Biochar is agricultural waste which is transformed into a potent soil amendment; it sequesters carbon and can be made into charcoal to be used for cooking fuel. To read more about biochar visit CRI's website.

While in Haiti this month, Ryan and Farmer to Farmer staff checked on the trials and trainees they had previously visited and were impressed with the results. Perhaps most astounding was the change that occurred at Matelot Placid's farm in Acul du Nord, pictured above.

While in Acul du Nord in August, Ryan had trained 30 men and women in making biochar and left instructions for combining with compost and applying to the soil. Matelot applied what he learned, and his young papaya tree stands as an example to others about the potential for biochar to improve soil fertility, agricultural yields and reforestation in Haiti.

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