Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Partnership Spreads Biochar Technology Throughout Haiti

Combine an organization with an innovative new technology perfect for Haiti's situation, with a dynamic Haitian agribusiness, and mix in the support of the Farmer to Farmer Program. The result? A great partnership spreading micro-enterprise and soil improvement opportunities throughout numerous communities in Haiti.

For Haiti, biochar production means not only improved soils and greater plant yields, but also reduced deforestation due to creating cooking charcoal with "green" charcoal (produced with biochar) rather than from trees. Carbon Roots International is championing this technology in Haiti. With the help of Makouti Agro Enterprise, they have refined the process and introduced the technology to an ever-increasing number of communities in Makouti's and Farmer to Farmer's network. Check out some of CRI's photos from their recent Farmer to Farmer trip:

Anderson (right), F2F Field Officer, discussing deforestation and biochar with community members
Tomatoes in center/right without biochar; staked tomatoes on left WITH biochar

Biochar kilns put to use in Aquin, South of Haiti

Green charcoal created by CRI and Makouti

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