Thursday, February 7, 2013

Volunteer from Organic Materials Review Institute Refines Natural Pesticide

Corinne observes shadehouse-grown lettuce in Guyana
Last month Corinne Kolm, Oregon volunteer from the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), traveled to Guyana to follow up on the work of her colleague who developed a natural pesticide to be used for shadehouse production. The request for technical assistance was generated from the producers' and technicians' concerns over the safety and cost of using synthetic insecticides. Derived mainly from neem, garlic, and hot peppers, the pesticide has been used by shadehouse vegetable producers since its formulation and testing in September 2012. It has proven to have a shelf-life of around 3 months and has been effective upon direct contact with pests.

Corinne's assignment focused on improving the efficacy of the pesticide, establishing standard dilution rates and frequency of application, extraction methods, and ease of spray. As an organic inspector and gardener, Corinne has a great deal of experience with organic insecticides, and she had also worked with neem extraction and application in Tanzania and India.

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