Monday, April 22, 2013

GIS and the Farmer to Farmer Program

Partners of the Americas Farmer to Farmer Program intern Sebastian Insfran is working on a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) project with program information from Haiti and the DR. GIS is a way to visualize, analyze, interpret, and understand data to show relationships, patterns, and trends. Specifically, he was looking at the island of Hispaniola and comparing regional information on childhood malnutrition, maps of Farmer to Farmer project sites, and maps showing the number of hosts in these places. The goals is to visualize the presence of  Farmer to Farmer as it relates with some food security and agricultural development indicators, through spatial data analysis. Some samples maps are below:
The visualization of Farmer to Farmer host organizations’ location was one of the main goals of his  assignment and he used several tools to create maps that showed the data. 
While the project is still underway, and there are some data limitations, it is interesting to see some of the potential uses of an ICT tool like GIS. Farmer to Farmer is always looking to use available tools and technologies to benefit and/or analyze our work in the region.

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