Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rutgers Professor Works with Guyanese Small-Scale Shadehouse Farmers

Rutgers University's Office of Communications recently published an article about Farmer to Farmer volunteer Robin Brumfield. A specialist in farm management, with 35 years of experience in greenhouse production and management, Brumfield is an educator of small farmers as well as professor at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. "Rutgers Professor Returns to South America to Train Small-Scale Shadehouse Farmers" explains how Brumfield's work in Guyana was focused on hydroponics and shadehouse vegetable production, also with emphasis on product marketing. “What stood out for me was the sacrifice that so many of the small farmers had to make to produce their crops and get them to the market, especially those in the remote areas,” said Brumfield. “Their interest in learning all they can to make their small-scale operation profitable was well worth my trip and I was grateful to the Farmer to Farmer program for allowing me to share my expertise.” Brumfield will return to Guyana for two weeks this summer to further assist small farmers with their businesses.
This photo was provided by the Office of Communications at Rutgers University. Robin Brumfield, center, pictured with Lilawatie "Anna" Bridglall, a shadehouse vegetable producer, and Mike Harker, a former Peace Corp volunteer and visiting business management consultant with the Farmer to Farmer project.

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