Friday, July 19, 2013

In Their Own Words....

The Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program is not just about improving economic growth and agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean - it is about connecting people and organizations to make a difference. As one producer in Guyana put it - "You have to meet with people if you want to change the world.” Hearing about F2F directly from field staff, volunteers, local partners, and hosts can be powerful. Below are some quotes from interviews and focus groups in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guyana and Nicaragua.

Economic impact...

“Before [Makouti and F2F] started helping me, my level was very low. That is to say I couldn’t produce. I wasn’t making any money. Now, I am working for an organization that pays me [well], and I have a lot of bees now. I travel to the US because of my business in apiculture, my whole family gets job from that, I pay for schooling for kids, my everyday living is because of the grace of F2F and Makouti.“ -F2F Host, Haiti

“I'll tell you an example, with the first harvest of avocado, I remodeled my house. And so the benefits are visible and continue to be seen.”-F2F Host, Dominican Republic

“Before, we did not see the importance of being sanitary. Now we see that if you do it, it will increase the quality of milk and we will sell more. We’d still be receiving very low prices for our milk if it wasn’t for F2F.” –F2F Host, Nicaragua

“It has helped me send all my kids to school. I do a lot of activities with the money from the honey. I thought this could not help me take care of my family but now I am taking care of other families.”-F2F Host, Haiti

“The project opportunities are expanding.  As the program grows, and with market expansion continuing, the positive impact will be not only for growers, but for citizen health and economic benefits for the country.” -F2F Volunteer, Guyana

Gender roles...

“The men are in charge of taking decisions on what to do with money because they are making the money. In this case we are changing their minds because the women are making the money.”-F2F In-Country Staff, Nicaragua

“My perception and assumption is that the activity of asking poor women their opinion was very significant. It appears that was new to them, that their opinion had never really been asked as seriously in the context of that work.”-F2F Volunteer, Dominican Republic

Changing lives...

“F2F is very much a big part of who I am. The experiences over the years, all our travels, will live with me for a very long time”.-Former F2F Field Officer, Guyana

“I love the fact that I can get up in the morning and work and at the end of it you know why you’re working. At the end of it you sell and you have something growing for you. That is a motivating factor.”-F2F Host, Guyana

“[F2F] has helped me to develop more of a business way of doing things and more commitment in terms of having my own business.  I really love the idea of having my own business.  I am very satisfied with what I have reached so far.”-F2F Host, Guyana

“I can tell you that the Partners group in Nicaragua and those in Washington have been fabulous. I felt that my visits there were the most effective F2F trips .. I felt my time was utilized effectively.”-F2F Volunteer, Nicaragua

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