Friday, August 9, 2013

Aquaculture Training at the University of Guyana Seeks to Breed a New Pool of Fishfarming Specialists

Pond-side discussion of duckweed-based feeds at the
Trafalgar Union Fish Farm 
Former Associate Professor of Aquaculture at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, Dr. Peter Perschbacher, traveled to Guyana from May 30th - June 18th in response to a request for training by the University of Guyana - Turkeyen Department of Agriculture & Forestry. The University of Guyana - Turkeyen Campus, located in the capital city of Georgetown, asked Dr. Perschbacher to provide training in sustainable aquaculture to students and faculty, as well as interested farmers, government extension workers and entrepreneurs. The goal: to prepare a pool of aquaculture technicians and researchers, as well as to prepare a lecturer to succeed an outgoing aquaculture professor.

The highly prized and priced hassar food fish 
Dr. Perschbacher's nearly 3-week visit included a 2-day session attended by 33 participants, a 5-day session attended by 10 participants, and 4 days of field trips to existing and planned fish farms and government aquaculture stations. Trainings addressed topics such as pond contruction, fish nutrition, pathology and treatment, fish yield, and effects of fish farming on the environment, among others, and included hands-on field exercises related to cost of feeds and production budgets, calculating protein balancing for feed formulations, and determining disease treatment rates in fishfarming ponds.

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