Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Haiti Nutrition Security Program

While this blog is focused primarily on Partners of the Americas’ Farmer-to-Farmer Program, we sometimes cover related Partners’ programs as well as some broader agriculture and food security topics. One of these is Partners’ Haiti Nutrition Security Program (NSP). The NSP seeks to improve the nutritional status of pregnant and lactating women and young children in 3 geographic-focus corridors in Haiti. Launched in 2013, the NSP is funded by the USAID Feed the Future Initiative – a U.S. Government effort to combat global hunger and food insecurity.

The NSP strategy hinges on a holistic community health, nutrition, and livelihoods approach that works through local NGOs and integrates assistance activities within the existing government health and nutrition systems. Building on the existing tradition of Mother’s Clubs in Haiti, NSP is using the care group model to deliver trainings, provide services, and communicate good health and nutrition behavior messages. 
Care group members with some NSP staff and session presenters
During a recent care group session in Milot, mothers engaged in a conversation about attitudes, behaviors, and practices around health and nutrition. Some topics brought up by the women included which foods are safe to eat during pregnancy, portion sizes, and the need for family support for pregnant and lactating women.

In this video, some of the mothers sing about the main food groups and the importance of happiness and harmony in the household.

To find out more about the NSP program, visit the Partners website.  

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