Monday, June 23, 2014

Photos from the Field: Beekeeping in Haiti

During the month of June, the Haiti Farmer-to-Farmer Program welcomed a team of two volunteers who provided assistance in queen rearing and queen performance. Chad Carlson and Dr. Michael Bauer conducted field trainings for beekeepers to understand the importance of the queen for hive health, demonstrate criteria for selecting and breeding the best queen, and eliminate any undesirable queens. These skills will allow producers to strengthen their bee colonies, reduce hive loss, and eventually produce more honey.

Below are some photos from their assignment!

Chad Carlson and Michael Bauer working with members of
the AJTAP Beekeepers Association
Hands-on trainings on hive health
Beekeepers from Pierre Payen checking the performance of
their queens by detecting larva damages
Chad Carlson teaching different methods for checking the hives for mites
Training of the trainers - equipping Beekeepers Associations and members of the Ministry of Agriculture
to train others on queen rearing and measuring queen performance

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