Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Call for Volunteers!

Partners' Farmer-to-Farmer program is currently recruiting volunteers for several open assignments in the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. Please see a list of volunteer opportunities below. As always, our in-country bilingual field staff coordinate logistics and F2F covers all travel, housing, food, and other related costs. 

Please contact Courtney Dunham at for more information on the below assignments.

Dominican Republic:

Specialist in soil conservation and agroforestry (2-4 weeks in late October through mid-December):
A specialist in soil conservation and agroforestry is needed to work with the NGO, Plan Yaque, in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. The volunteer should have experience in implementing soil conservation practices on stepped slopes for hillside production (i.e., dead and live barriers). The volunteer will train farmers and technicians on improved soil management and erosion control and appropriate methods and techniques for sustainable production of crops on hillsides. The volunteer will also complete an assessment of the current soil and environmental management of hillside farms in Jarabacoa and identify opportunities for improved soil conservation practices that are economically and environmentally feasible for the area.
Banana production specialist (2-4 weeks in October through December 2014):
A professional with experience in banana production and cultivation is needed to assist banana producers in identifying potential problems and solutions related to: 1) planting and plantation development; 2) production and productivity, 3) organic and conventional fertilization; 4) pest and disease management; and 5) climate risks in banana production. Expected deliverables are a set of recommendations per farm visited on ways to increase production and/or address problems related to banana production.

Expert in disaster risk management (2-4 weeks in October through December 2014):
An expert in disaster risk management is needed to train banana producers on strategies to mitigate their risk to the impacts of hurricanes, flooding, and other climate change effects. The volunteer will train 30 technicians from four banana associations on mitigation measures they can take to increase their resilience to the impacts of climate change and will support them in developing an adaptation strategy.


Ornamental plant disease and pest management expert (2-3 weeks in October, October 19-31 is ideal):
An expert with a PhD in plant pathology or entomology and/or with experience in pest and disease management is needed to train farmers on methods to reduce the incidence of pests and diseases on ornamental plants that are exported to the United States. Expected deliverables are a manual on the treatment of specific pests and diseases and conventional and non-conventional management options as well as a Farmer-to-Farmer trip report.
F2F Guatemala field staff (from left to right):
Andrea Herrera (admin assistant), Andrea Fión (field officer),
Abraham Jarquin (field officer), and José Cano (Country Coordinator)

Ornamental flower fertilization and irrigation specialist (2-3 weeks in November or December; November 23 to December 6 is ideal):
A professional with experience in fertilization, soil and analysis, and irrigation for ornamental flower production is needed to train producers in low-cost irrigation and organic fertilization methods. Expected deliverables are a manual on best practices in irrigation and fertilization of ornamental flowers and a Farmer-to-Farmer trip report.

Market research and analysis expert (2-4 weeks in February 2015):
A volunteer with experience conducting market research and analysis is needed to assist a small mushroom production company in identifying niche markets and opportunities for the export of natural, organic, or medicinal products made from specialty mushrooms. Expected deliverables are to build the capacity of a specialty mushroom agribusiness to be able to analyze market data and make informed decisions when developing new products. The volunteer will also help to promote linkages between U.S. companies and/or identify opportunities to access markets or credit.

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