Friday, July 10, 2015

F2F Volunteer Mathias Medina Visits Partners Headquarters!

F2F Volunteer Mathias Medina visits Partners HQ
Today, F2F volunteer Mathias Medina visited Partners of the Americas headquarters in Washington D.C. to share some of his accomplishments and experiences during his recent F2F field assignments in Haiti and Nicaragua. Medina, a Chilean-French agricultural economist, has worked on development projects with NGOs in an array of communities across the globe, from Latin American countries such as Ecuador and Chile to as far away as Yemen.

The objective of Medina's first F2F assignment was to assess Haitian coffee producer cooperatives' competitiveness and train them in key agribusiness practices including strategic and financial planning. He primarily conducted the assignment with F2F host Makouti, an organization boasting more than 1,000 farmers that produce a wide range of agricultural products.

Medina's second F2F assignment took place in Nicaragua, where he conducted a study on national dairy and meat consumption per capita. Toward the end of his two week assignment, Medina delivered presentations on his findings and recommendations to the Nicaraguan Chamber of Beef Industry Exports (CANICARNE), the Nicaraguan Dairy Chamber (CANISLAC), and the National Cattle Rancher's Association (CONAGAN).

Medina facilitating an agribusiness workshop with Haitian coffee producers in May 2015.

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