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Call for Volunteers!

The Farmer-to-Farmer program is looking for volunteers - we have some exciting opportunities! Read more below...

Dominican Republic

Water Quality and Wastewater Management Specialist (July – August 2015: 2 weeks)
A volunteer with experience in conducting water quality assessments and treatment at fruit packing centers, with particular experience with banana packing, is needed to measure the physical, biological, and chemical parameters of water quality at several banana packing houses. The volunteer will train banana producers at small packing houses on improved practices and methods to improve water quality and wastewater management.

Agroforestry and protected areas management specialist (July – September 2015: 2-3 weeks)
A volunteer with experience in forest management and restoration of protected areas, developing land use plans for forest protected areas, and training rural farmers and technicians is needed to assess the forestry sector in the Yaque del Norte watershed in Jarabacoa and identify appropriate technologies and practices for managing and protecting forested areas. The volunteer will also assist in the planning, development, and implementation of a forest management and protection plan in the Yaque Del Norte Watershed, and train producers and technicians in best practices of forest protected areas. A strong proficiency in Spanish is preferred but not required.

Solid waste management specialist (July – November 2015: 2 weeks)
A specialist with experience in developing and conducting educational programs for students and teachers on solid waste management is needed to train faculty at ISA University to develop and implement solid waste management programs and manage plans for recycling solid waste that is produced at the university. The trained faculty will then pass this knowledge on to the students. It is very important that the volunteer has experience training beneficiaries in practical activities that can be carried out, as well as assess the amount of waste produced in the different areas in the campus.

Irrigation technology experts for banana production, Dominican Republic (July – December 2015: 2-3 weeks)
Partners is looking for 1-2 specialists in irrigation technologies to train agricultural extension agents, technicians, and banana producers in irrigation systems that will improve water efficiency. The volunteer is expected to assess the current irrigation systems and provide training and technical assistance to resolve problems of water efficiency.

Soil conservation specialist with experience in building live/dead barriers (July – November 2015: 2 weeks)
A specialist in soil conservation is needed to train hillside smallholder farmers on local plants and resources that can be used as live/dead barriers to reduce soil erosion and increase the organic matter in soils. The volunteer will provide hands-on training and recommendations on how to plant these barriers, as well as any other appropriate methods and techniques for soil conservation.


Marketing expert (July - September 2015: 2-3 weeks)
An expert in the food industry with extensive knowledge in the industrialization and processing of products is needed to train farmers on best management practices and to design a marketing strategy. Knowledge of product diversification, packaging, product presentation, setting expiration dates, and nutritional content of products is also desired. Please note this assignment focuses on the development of a marketing strategy for peanuts and hibiscus. However, while experience with these products is desired, it is not required.

Expert on genetic varieties and rootstock deciduous crops (October-November 2015: 2-4 weeks)
A volunteer is needed with knowledge of new and improved varieties of deciduous fruit that are adaptable to the ecological conditions of Guatemala. The volunteer will train technicians and farmers ANAPDE on methods and techniques of plant breeding to increase production and quality of agricultural products per unit area in little time and with minimal effort and cost. Training should provide information on increasing efficiency of crops by teaching the absorption of nutrients, uses of water, fertilizer and tolerance of certain environmental factors that tend to control extreme fluctuations in yields.

Fito expert in breeding varieties of rootstock crop (August-October 2015: 2-4 weeks)
A volunteer is needed who can explain techniques for better post-harvesting handling. The volunteer will train technicians and farmers on methods, related technologies and procedures used in harvesting, processing and storage of fruits and pests. The volunteer should be knowledgeable in techniques involving the handling of these products and be able to provide useful information to all those who have responsibility for the management of these agricultural products.

GMPs Expert for Natural Juice Production (August-September 2015: 2-4 weeks)
A volunteer food engineering expert with experience in the application of good manufacturing practices (GMPs), HACCP regulations, food safety, and product shelf life is needed to assist a business in improving their production practices of natural fruit and vegetable juices. Experience working with small groups in rural areas is also desired. The goal of the assignment is to increase the technical capacity of producers and processors on the subject of GMPs and HACCP regulations in order to improve the production of products such as vegetable and natural juices. The expected deliverables are a manual on GMPs for the production of natural drinks made from fruits and vegetables, a trip report, and recommendations for further work.

GAP Expert for Peas, Carrots, and Potatoes (October 2015-February 2016: 2-4 weeks)
An expert in the production and management of peas, carrots, and potatoes with experience in the implementation of good agricultural practices (GAPs) is needed. Experience working with groups in rural areas and training large groups of people in conventional and organic crop management is desired. The goal of the assignment is to increase the technical capacity of producers and processors on the subject of GAPs in the production and management of peas, carrots, and potatoes. The expected deliverables are a manual on GAPs for vegetable production to be used among producers, a trip report, and recommendations for further work.

Marketing Expert for FECCEG (August-November 2015: 2-3 weeks)
A volunteer marketing expert with extensive knowledge of the food industry with knowledge and skills related to packaging and product presentation is needed. The purpose of the assignment is to improve the agro-industrialization processes of products, to improve product quality and producer productivity, to meet current and future demand and harness the productive potential of the raw materials locally, to participate in formal markets, to increase labor supply and to improve the economy of the families and the community. The expected deliverables of the assignment are a guide to proper labeling of finished products, a new brand design, an operational manual, a trip report, and recommendations for further work.


Qualitative Research Specialist (August-September 2015: 2-3 weeks)
The purpose of this assignment is to fully understand why there is limited consumption of dairy products in Nicaragua. Based on preliminary findings from previous F2F assignments, factors limiting dairy consumption may include: limited understanding of nutritional benefits, price/limited purchasing power, limited dairy availability in schools and remote areas, and quality concerns. The volunteer will conduct qualitative research throughout the country to better understand the reasons why dairy consumption is so low. He/She will then create a written report and PowerPoint presentation that details the findings and present them to key stakeholders in the Nicaraguan dairy value chain. This information will be used to continue developing the national dairy consumption campaign strategy. The volunteer must have experience conducting qualitative research, strong communication skills, and speak Spanish at a conversational level.

Agribusiness Market Research Specialist (August-September 2015: 3 weeks)
A volunteer is needed to conduct a rapid local and regional market study for value-added products made from cassava, cow milk, cacao, and guava. The market study, in conjunction with a separate feasibility study, will empower four women’s cooperatives in Nueva Guinea to make informed and strategic decisions as they develop their business plans. The volunteer should have experience conducting field market studies/analyses and surveys, leading focus groups, working with small-scale producers, processors, and cooperatives, and will preferably have a graduate degree in Agricultural Economics or Agribusiness or a related field and have a basic knowledge of Spanish.

Cheese Processing Specialist (October 2015 (Preferably October 11-25th): 2 weeks)
A volunteer Cheese Processing Specialist is needed to conduct workshops with the Nicaraguan Institute for Development (INDE) regarding proper cheese processing techniques that will ensure safe, high-quality products. The volunteer will also deliver two presentations at the National Cheese Fair in October: 1) new cheese processing techniques to ensure food quality and safety; and 2) Market trends in the commercialization of dairy products and potential opportunities with free trade agreements. The volunteer will also teach the INDE team proper methodology for evaluating and grading different types of cheese, which may include: queso fresco (artisanal basic cheese), mozzarella, hard cheeses (parmesan, etc.), and specialty cheeses (goat cheese, etc.). It is expected that at the end of the assignment, the INDE team will improve their ability to evaluate and grade different cheeses at the National Cheese Fair, promoting cheese quality in Nicaragua. Additionally it is expected that producers will be training on how to improve their processing skills to make higher quality cheese.

Hive Management (Nicaragua, August-September 2015: 2-3 weeks)
A volunteer is needed with experience in general hive management, preferably with a graduate degree in entomology. The purpose of this assignment is to help improve beehive management including inspection, monitoring and development of new and innovative trap systems for managing unwanted inhabitants. In this assignment, the volunteer will help the beekeepers learn about the following: hive inspection, increasing hive productivity, understanding factors that affect hive production, understanding bee activity both in and out of the hive, removing old combs, and building and using a system to catch pollen and propolis. The volunteer needs to have at least a conversational level of Spanish, be flexible and adaptable, and strong presentation and communication skills.

Honey Value-Added Assignment (Nicaragua, September 2015: 2-3 weeks)
A volunteer is needed with experience in: general hive management, working with minimal resources to make high quality value-added products from honey, and packaging, labeling, marketing, and selling value-added honey products. The purpose of this assignment is to teach beekeepers how to create value-added products derived from honey in order to increase their economic returns on honey yields. At the end of this assignment hosts will know how to make new products and package, label, and market them in local and regional markets. The volunteer is expected to give workshops on making and marketing value-added honey products and on how to maintain honey quality post-harvest. Some of the possible value-added products are mead/honey wine, candles, propolis, and pollen. The volunteer needs to have at least a conversational level of Spanish, be flexible and adaptable, and strong presentation and communication skills.


The Haiti Farmer-to-Farmer program recruits specialist volunteers in a range of fields such as agribusiness, marketing, coffee, small animals, and beekeeping.  If interested in an assignment in Haiti, please submit your resume on our website. 


Sustainable Agriculture/Gardening and Nutrition Specialist (Fall/Winter 2015-2016: 2-3 Months)
One or two volunteers (with 2-3 months of availability) are needed with experience in organic gardening and/or agriculture (ideally in tropical environments). This assignment will work in collaboration with the Arajuno Road Project (ARP) to support food insecure communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The purpose of this assignment is to train ARP field technicians and student and adult community members in sustainable agriculture/gardening practices and continue to develop school/community gardens. Application of the consultation and training will result in developmentally appropriate planning for the following age-appropriate learning activities: choosing and preparing nutritious and healthy foods; planning, cultivating, and maintaining a garden; re-use or recycling of materials to conserve natural resources. The ideal volunteer(s) will have knowledge of basic nutrition, good writing, analytical and evaluation skills, strong interpersonal communication and presentation skills, and have hands-on classroom experience with children and adults. A certification/undergraduate/post-graduate degree in horticulture, agronomy, or a related field is preferred. The volunteer(s) need to be flexible and adaptable and have at least a conversational level of Spanish.

 For more information on open assignments, please visit our website here.

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